Life sometimes dictates a necessary pause in your writing life, usually by illness, but other circumstances can intervene, and all you can do is pause!

Everyone wants the secret to the perfect writing life and they want it now. But the truth is writing habits take time to build.

The secret to any writing regimen is that you must write at your own pace. Ignore all other word count advice, your own pace is the only way to be successful.

Check out the upcoming events in Alli’s life and where she’ll be to talk about and celebrate writing in the coming months.

Motivation is often what stands in the way between writers and finished projects, which means all writers need to learn how to create writing motivation.

When you maintain a writing streak for years, “don’t break the chain” becomes a mantra. But breaking the chain intentionally can be a powerful release.

As 2024 begins, let’s talk about how to set better writing goals that support our long-term writing hopes and short-term realities.

Making goals is easy, but you have to support your writing goals if you want to achieve them. I’m working out just how to do that.

Making a novel writing return after a long break can be difficult, so you need to have a plan for how to reconnect to your novel.

Looking for more writing prompts? This prompt comes from An Apple a Day by Caroline Taggart. See what it inspires for you—and me!

Publishing has a tendency to fill writers with doubts, but when it comes to making decisions, you writers HAVE to trust your gut.

When life becomes a lot, sometimes you just have to ride it out. Take a break if you need it, or grab hold and find peace from your storm in your writing.