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Alli Martin is a science fiction and alternate history author. She is particularly interested in female and nonbinary protagonists, diverse voices, and robots (who doesn’t like robots?). Her alternate history work most often focuses on steampunk, but she is also drawn to the early 20th century and the future (by which she means space, and probably more robots). Her work can be found in the 2011 anthology Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts from Dark Oak Press.

She also writes features about movies, comics, and TV for the website /Film where she utilizes her padawan training in all things nerdy.

Alli’s alter ego is a freelance editor, which possibly explains why she prefers revision to drafting. She specializes in novels and short fiction, but is also comfortable with essays and memoir. She worked as a math textbook editor for eleven years, specializing in ELL materials, so she’s also sensitive to the needs of writers utilizing a second language (and math, if you need that). If you would like to read more about her experience and qualifications as an editor, check out her editing services homepage and testimonials from clients.

Alli holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Central Florida, runs the writing group Central Florida Inklings, and is a Municipal Liaison for the NaNoWriMo Orlando Region. She has a habit of Getting Involved (Very Involved). Alli has presented at the Orlando Public Library’s Writers Conference, Writer’s Atelier, and DragonCon. Her workshops and presentations have included “Make My Genre Punk,” “0 to 50K: Strategies to Hit Your Word Count Goal,” and “Practical Time Travel for the Storyteller.”

Alli lives in Orlando, FL with her cat, Boogie. He is in charge of making sure she takes breaks from her various projects.

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