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Last week on Twitter a Works in Progress Meme circulated, and I couldn’t resist playing along.

Here’s what I shared according to the likes I received:

  1. Novel: Gay Airship Pirates, which now includes a feminist book binding sharpshooter and her paraplegic husband who is more awesome than you.
  2. Short Story: Space Mermaids, which are not mermaids because space, but still lure sailors to their doom… or do they??? Queer protag; snarky girlfriend.
  3. Short Story: New Orleans house has so much character it possesses a girl and has to come to grips with being mortal.
  4. Short Story: WWII Coffee Robots—everything changes post V-E Day; is there still a place in the world/economy for robots? Also, robots <3 cats.
  5. Novel: Time Traveling Archeologists steal artifacts from the past—that’s why some objects become “lost to time.” (inspiration: Daniel Jackson/Robin Hood)
  6. Novel/Series: THE STEAMPUNK—secret organization seeks to overthrow the monarchy, unwitting machinists & opera singers get involved. Co-authored with @momebie.
  7. Novel: Space pirate/book collector collab with @sopdet. Adventures! Romance! Books!
  8. Short Story/Novella: An amateur scientist “tests” a window that allows you to see 2 weeks into the future. One day he doesn’t see himself outside the window.
  9. Short Story: Arrogant scientist proclaims the end is here! His sentient robots keep up the sham that the world ended to protect his fragile ego.
  10. Short Story: An old creepy doll abandoned on a park bench gains sentience because people assume it has sentience.
  11. Novella/Novel?: Pair of spy sisters have telepathy, but only when drinking tea.
  12. Short Story/Novella?: Scientists create “metallic mermaids” to save ships, but then the mermaids start reconstructing shipwrecks and bringing them to the surface.

What works do you have in progress?