Not the Post You’re Looking For

I’m off to DragonCon this week, and while preparing for that adventure is certainly an added distraction this month, it’s not the reason I’m phoning in this blog post. Life has gotten unexpectedly complicated and busy. But that’s one of the most consistent aspects of life, isn’t it? Just when you feel like you have everything under control, something comes along to disrupt the flow.

Many of the things currently disrupting my life are good things (including prepping for my favorite convention of the year and my friend moving back to town), but some of them come with additional emotional complications or stress. Right now I’m reminded to pay additional attention to my work-life balance, to make sure that I’m taking care of myself and my needs, and to cut back on responsibilities where I can. Which is why you’re reading this blog post instead of one of the ones I’ve been working on.

Here’s the take away from this short post: when you’re busy or when life is being unexpectedly complicated, it’s okay to cut back on your responsibilities where you can. This might not be the blog post that you’re looking for, but it’s a reminder I’m happy to share.

Merry Catmas!

Happy holidays to everyone! While I have two cats gracing the inside of my house these days, one of them is more willing to put up with having his picture taken and the other doesn’t quite know what to do with a camera. (The outtakes with Pink are often abstract.)

I’m enjoying a rather quiet Christmas at home with my family and my cats. It’s peaceful after the last few hectic months. I hope all of your celebrations are filled with love and relaxation (and maybe a little bit of fur).

Happy 4th of July

In lieu of a post on the 4th of July, please enjoy these pictures of fireworks I took at Disney’s Boardwalk in March. Shiny and blinky and photogenic!

Regular posting will resume next week. Enjoy the holiday, fellow Americans.